Many retired people, sickness beneficiaries or unemployed men have either downsized their homes and so have lost their workshop and wish to spend some time with others in the community.

From this background the concept of the men’s shed was born. Here people can come and use a fantastic variety of tools and equipment to pursue their skills or interests and are able to do this in the company of others who are like minded.

They can also learn new skills, be guided when using tools for the first time or demonstrate their lifelong trade to young adults and fellow members.

In the shed men once more feel viable by contributing to community needs and creating projects of personal interest.

Reports tell us that good health is based on many factors which involve self-esteem, feeling productive and needed. Being valuable to the society and having strong relationships with others builds a personal confidence.


The Oxford Community Men’s Shed meets these needs and provide a space for those in need of a place to go to in the day that is positive and productive. It encourages new social activities and friendships as well as providing access to networks including local activities and men’s health information.

If you would like to join, pop down when we are open or register below by completing the form link, membership  is only $45.00 per year.

Ladies are welcome to the Tuesday evening sessions, for a casual rate of $5 per session.


Pearson Park Oval, Oxford, New Zealand

PO Box 38, Oxford, 7443


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